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Body Scan Plus

Body Scan Plus


Understand your body’s composition and take your training to the next level; track your progress and identify areas to work on.  Knowledge is definitely power!

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Understanding your body’s composition is key to understanding your current state of health and whether your training is paying dividends.  The Metabolic Performance Body Scan Plus is designed to give you a snapshot of your body composition using a bioelectric impedance scan.  The scan results provide a detailed analysis of fat and muscle in each of the major body segments (right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg and trunk) as well as fat, muscle, water and bone summary values for your entire body.  Your results will also include key body composition statistics including BMI, BMR, FFM, TBW and body type values. We also use nutritional profiling to forecast your nutritional needs, including protein requirements.

Body Scan Plus At a Glance

  • Bioelectric Impedance Scan
  • Fat, Muscle, Bone & Water Totals
  • Body Segment Fat & Muscle Breakdown
  • Key Body Composition Statistics
  • Metabolic Age
  • Nutritional Profiling & Projection

All body scans are performed on the NSW, Sapphire Coast, but travel arrangements can be made for an additional cost.

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