Metabolic Performance

6 Week Macro Package

6 Week Macro Package


The 6 Week Macro Package is designed to kick-start your diet and nutrition journey by providing tailored knowledge and support for your body.

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The Metabolic Performance 6 Week Macro Package is designed to support you on your diet and nutrition journey. It provides you with the guidance and support you need to get fitter, put on muscle, drop fat, lift energy levels or manage existing health conditions.  The 6 week package includes;

  • 1 Week Baseline Assessment
  • Macro Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly Macro Data Review & Feedback
  • Fortnightly Catch-Up Call
  • Macro Nutrition Plan Adjustments
  • Nutrition Advice & Support

We work with a broad range of clients with different nutritional goals. Having the support of a qualified nutritionist is a great way to keep motivated and we can help you to avoid the pitfalls and plateaus along the way.


How Metabolic Performance Diet & Nutrition Packages Work

Our Diet & Nutrition Packages are paid for in two instalments, with each instalment of this package costing $450; the first in advance and the second halfway through your selected term.  All packages are delivered remotely and leverage smartphone Apps to track nutritional intake.

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