OxySleep Fuji Apple 172g

OxySleep Fuji Apple 172g


Designed for performance athletes, this is he best sleep aid on the market helping you to achieve deep, restful sleep that’s critically important for recovery.

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EHPlabs OxySleep Fuji Apple is a multi-phasic, multi-dimensional sleep aid that uses key ingredients designed to work synergistically, OxySleep supports metabolic, endocrine and neural function to ensure sleep is optimised and consequently, recovery is also. Ensuring you achieve deep, restful sleep is critically important for recovery and equally as important for body composition manipulation.  With added chromium and green tea, EHPlabs OxySleep will not only make you sleep more restfully but it will also support the necessary nature of balancing blood sugar levels in order to achieve maximum fat loss or fat utilisation.

OxySleep Benefits

  • Improves recovery
  • Optimises hormonal regulation
  • Supports a lean physique
  • Enhances sleep
  • Amplifies recovery


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